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Empowering the work of top student organisations

Want your organisation to pick your next project? And do you want to share knowledge, ideas and create an international profile?

Use StudentLink and allow your organisation to choose instead of chase your next project - reducing time spent on communication, finding the right company to work with, etc.


The option to choose projects

Organisations join because they can choose projects that fit into their field, budget and timeline instead of spending resources finding partners and relevant projects. This empowers the student organisations by giving them the option of choosing. 


By providing the option to choose, the StudentLink network empowers the student organisations. Time-consuming parts, such as reaching out to various companies, finding the correct person to talk to and more are eliminated as part of the service. 


We enable all student organisations who are a part of  StudentLink to network and build relationships where they can learn from each other. By connecting with each other, the organisations continuously develop themselves while gaining an international profile.   


1. You fill out the contact form and receive an application


First, you contact us and provide us with simple information about your student organisation. Next, you receive an application form which only takes a few minutes to fill out. 

  The process is important for the matching service to be as valuable as possible for all parties - the companies and student organisations. For us to match both parts as best as possible, we need to understand what projects and value you provide. We believe student organisations provide work of very high value but we need to make sure the work suits the matching company's needs.  

2. You meet the requirements


After filling out the application, we will evaluate it based on a set of requirements which helps us ensure the highest value of our service.

To be able to join, your organisation must have experience with hosting projects or other services for companies. We pride ourselves in working with the best students organisations wanting to provide work of high quality. 

Therefore, we ask for you to provide us with various information in the application. This also helps us match your organisation with the right company to create the most value as possible. 

Once, we receive your application we will give you an answer as soon as possible. Usually, we provide an answer within 1-week. If you have any questions about the application process or the various requirements, please contact us.

We believe that students possess the best knowledge and capabilities to help all businesses create change.

Help us show your work!