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Add value to your company

Student organisations can create value for your company via various projects, such as presentations, casework solutions, workshops, etc. Additionally, the market for talent is becoming more competitive and employer branding is vital to engage and attract future candidates. Use StudentLink as a way to reach out to students within your field of work.


Contact us and fill in the form for your project- we will do the rest. In that way, the process is less time consuming and you can distribute your resources elsewhere. All while ensuring that you differentiate your organisation from the competition and attract top students. 

Did you know that working with a student organisation can save you money?

Booking a room without collaboration can run up to more than 20.000 DKK

When booking a room with collaboration, it is often free of charge 0 DKK

Get your project listed already today. It's free of charge!

1. Contact us and receive a simple form

2. Fill out the form and we list you in the database

3. We find a match and connect you

Type of projects

And many others...







Why is a collaboration important for your business?

Working with a top student organisation allows your business to work and brand yourself with the best university students

Enables you to attract and retain the best academic talents for your business

Build a strong recognisable brand at universities which is crucial for a successful (and sustainable) recruitment strategy