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We match and create value

We believe that students possess the best knowledge and capabilities to help all businesses, and we want to show it!

Companies want to work with student organisations as it is a unique way to present themselves and their work to future candidates. Fortunately, student organisations are becoming more and more professional and are run by some of the most motivated and driven students.


From experience, we have seen how frustrating it can be for companies and student organisations to find the correct match and initiate this process. Therefore, we believe this process has to be less time-consuming. We believe the best option is for companies to pitch their project and list it in our project database. Moreover, they should have the choice of choosing whom they want to work with, instead of necessarily going for the first and obvious choice of a student organisation.

This goes for student organisations as well by granting them the option to choose which projects within their field they want to pursue. Not only allows this for them to provide the highest amount of value in their project work but it also reduces the frustration of not knowing what company to contact and whom to get in contact with.

One of the biggest challenges, as a company wanting to brand itself at a university, is not knowing where to start. This significantly reduces the amount of smaller companies engaging in such a project although a lot of students want to join and participate in telling their story too. As well as search for solutions to their goals.


Another important element is that this inefficient process does not match the increasing quality of work from student organisations in a market where companies of all sizes are experiencing a higher demand for attracting top students. We want to change that!


The service of StudentLink allows for the companies to choose the best bidding student organisation for their specific project instead of having to rely on finding people from their own network who might know someone. To make this matching process as valuable as possible, all student organisations are screened and analysed before joining the StudentLink network.


We believe it is of the highest importance to match these two entities and create value for all parties involved.


Reach out if you have any questions or feedback and let us help you grow.